Towels are a Hitchhiker’s Best Friend

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy follows the outlandish adventures of Arthur Dent after an alien race called the Vogons blows up the earth.


My Fellow Questerians

There’s a saying on the internet: Knowledge is recognizing that Galaxy Quest is not a Star Trek movie. Wisdom is realizing that Galaxy Quest is the BEST Star Trek movie. 

Have Faith, Watch KDrama

Yoo Eun-soo, a plastic surgeon from modern-day Seoul, is kidnapped by Choi Young, the captain of the king’s bodyguard, and brought 700 years into the past to save Goryeo’s queen.

Fireflying by the Seat of Your Pants

Picture a good Star Trek episode. Replace the Federation crew with a ragtag group of smugglers and the Enterprise with a rust-bucket held together by sarcasm and Chinese swears.

Reflections in a Black Mirror

Black Mirror is horrible and wonderful because it realizes the worst possible outcomes of our present-day technological fears.

Too Freakin’ Human

Almost Human is one of those season 1 deals that could have blossomed into something great if Fox had any taste in television. (Bitter about Firefly? Me? Surely, you jest!)

Don’t Psycho-Pass It Up

This is another one of those shows that is just really well put together, at least in the first season. The plot is solid, well paced, with compelling twists and characters.