Too Freakin’ Human

Almost Human is one of those season 1 deals that could have blossomed into something great if Fox had any taste in television. (Bitter about Firefly? Me? Surely, you jest!) The set-up is perfect: a buddy cop series in a sci-fi setting that explores humanity’s relationship with futuristic technology. Granted, we’re not talking Black Mirror levels of psychoanalysis, but there are some really compelling questions right at the heart of the show that, given additional seasons, could have made Almost Human the next Fringe.

One the most delightful aspects of the series is the perfect chemistry between the two leads, Michael Ealy and Karl Urban. If the whole show had just been them driving around in a police car, I would have been… well, somewhat disappointed… but not entirely heartbroken. And I would have watched it at least twice a week.

In a perfect universe, there would be seasons 2 through 5 so I could go into how all the excellent world-building hints from season 1 were expanded upon, culminating in a dramatic reveal with whatever the hell is on the other side of that mysterious wall. As it stands, though, the viewer gets the sense that the writers had big plans for its central characters, both human and synthetic – particularly the protagonist android Dorian, played by Michael Ealy – which they will never get to fulfill.

The plot from season 1 is not as tightly woven as, say, Psycho-Pass, but its unhurried pace allows the characters to breathe – and that, really, is the show’s major strength.

10/10, would recommend, man.

Available, as far as I know, only to buy or rent on Amazon and iTunes. (I bought the DVDs.) (picture grabbed from


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