Don’t Psycho-Pass It Up

For decades, the Sybil system has used its perfectly programmed mind to run Japan. And, true to form, up until now, it has worked flawlessly, reading the Psycho-Passes of its inhabitants to make sure they are still mentally healthy members of society. But someone has found a crack in the system that the police are not capable of fixing; and suddenly, this idyllic, terminally sane society starts tearing itself apart.

This is another one of those shows that is just really well put together, at least in the first season. The plot is solid, well paced, with compelling twists and characters. Akane Tsunemori, the protagonist, has a character arc that is a joy to witness. And the side characters’ backstories offer deeper insight into this thoroughly controlled yet peaceful world.

Boiled down, this show is a buddy cop drama in a sci-fi suit asking you to consider the fundamental character of the human race, and whether that makes humans worth saving or destroying.

You know. Casual existentialism.

Following in the footsteps of Ghost in the Shell and Brave New World, Psycho-Pass doesn’t try to preach or moralize. Season 1 asks questions, then forces you to deal with the consequences of your answers. I would skip season 2, however, which lives up to the cop drama moniker but doesn’t plumb the fathoms of the human psyche anywhere near as deeply as its season 1.

Available on Funimation and Crunchyroll. (picture is taken from the Psycho-Pass fanwiki website.)


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