I’m going to LEVEL E with you…

I’ve watched a lot of anime. Enough to say with a measurable amount of authority that, barring Fooly Cooly which, let’s face it, will never be topped in terms of insanity, Level E is… well…


The series is, more or less, about an alien prince who comes to earth to… escape his oppressive family? Mess with humans? For funsies?

That’s not important. The important part is that he’s here. And so are a whole bunch of other alien species, some of them benevolent and some of them not so much. More importantly, there are the humans: resourceful, foolish, trusting, suspicious, generous, selfish men, women, and children just trying to get through the day; and this prince and his reluctant train of assistants are not making it easier for anyone.

This is one of those series, like Dirk Gently, where I would advise you to just let go of your firm grip on reality. Is there a point to all of this frustrating randomness? Yes. And you will find out what it is. But until then, learn to accept the nonsensical. Appreciate the opening song, the awesome animation, the excellent voice acting, and the numerous pop culture references while you wait patiently for answers. All too soon, Level E will end. And then you will be left staring into the void…

(At that point, I advise you to break into FLCL. Just drive right off that cliff.)

Available on Funimation. (photo abducted for experimentation from http://lilacanimereviews.blogspot.fr/2015/01/level-e-review-english.html)



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